When Griffin meets Prince Philip

Tim Montgomerie has been one of many tiresome commentators spreading the word about the far-right BNP with his part in the blog There is Nothing British about the BNP with their cutting video message about ‘thinking of Ben‘ before thinking about voting for them.

The blog reported on the messy subject of Nick Griffin being invited to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party this summer, as a plus-one to London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook.

The entry reminds us that we should not fall for the BNP’s claptrap and veil for moderation. The unbearable truth, though, is that Griffin and Prince Philip might get on famously (careful now), laughing at the ‘slitty-eyed’.

A UK polling report in 2006 noted that some voters like the BNP’s policies, but not the BNP themselves. And the same might be said of this coming elections, which could explain why Ukip is the first choice protest vote for many.

Douglas Alexander, the Secretary of State for International Development, who is responsible for promoting the country’s trade interests around the world, told the Basildon Echo on the subject of the BNP protest vote, “I think when you explain to people what the BNP represents they reject it, so the way to counter that is to talk to the voters and discuss their concerns.”

And he couldn’t be more right, which is why it is important for the likes of Tim Montgomerie, who is best known for starting the Tory blog ConservativeHome, to pursue and promote corrrect information on the far-right.


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