Jordan – Andre / Blears – Brown

I have written before about my relief that Peter and Jordan were splitting up, thereby predicting the Labour Party split as the second most important.

Well today I was hardly surprised to see on the Daily Mail website a story regarding Hazel Blears and the expenses scandal that started “Gordon Brown was facing a cabinet in revolt tonight as Hazel Blears and other senior figures took a defiant stand against moves to shift or demote them in the Prime Minister’s next reshuffle.”

Mr. Brown told the concerned today that Blears’ actions, though within the law, were ‘completely unacceptable’ and that he would not shirk away from suspending more MP’s, adding that he is the only leader to do so over the expenses row.

As for Blears, she launched a public relations offensive today to save her job by reminding the concerned that she repaid more than £13,000 in Capital Gains Tax.

Furthermore, on the far right of the story was a a picture depicting a tragic looking Katie Price with information detailing that she had thrown all of Andre’s clothes out already. Thus being proved right yet again.

Mail 20-05


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