A flirtation with NO2EU

I went off on one on a Liberal Conspiracy post, about the European elections and the left. I explained a slight flirtation I have with a concept used by the left wing eurosceptic party NO2EU, that of social dumping. I admitted that;

“even as a Labour supporter myself, I, too, feel a political allegiance to some of NO2EU’s policies. Not least there engagement with this underused concept of social dumping – the utilisation of cheap immigrant work, a notion kept alive by anti-racists on the back foot involved in a horrid conversation with a racist. Such a conversation might appear something like this;

racist : but, you know, these immos come in, don’t they, and take our jobs

anti-racist caught on the back foot and looking for ways of communicating with this twat without using words like ‘gross domestic product’ or ‘its the capitalists!!’ : what!! Oh come on mate, don’t be harsh, most immigrants do the jobs natives don’t want to do

This is the reality, and I don’t support it, on the basis that it extends the BIG LIE to nationals of poorer nations, that UK is a country of middle earners and you could do it too. The Lisbon Treaty is the megaphone for this BIG LIE, and promotes social dumping. Its the logic of the pro-big business EU that cheap labour is exported and utilised in post-industrial nations. And NO2EU have been bold enough to try and tackle it. The big three don’t tackle it nor the progressive case against the EU, and fringe parties to the contrary of Lisbon Treaty supporters tend to be on the far-right. Opposing the Lisbon Treaty should definitely not be limited to protectionist economics. And anyone who claim NO2EU are UKIP with beards and sandals or nationalist, are denying the EU fair criticism from those who are, in my opinion, the only ones qualified to do so: the left.

I bid you goodnight.”

I figured it was as long as one of my normal blog posts, and all that effort, it should live on my blog too. Fair’s fair!!


One Response to A flirtation with NO2EU

  1. Dave Semple says:

    One of the accusations being unfairly levelled at No2EU is that they are anti-immigrant. Actually, they aren’t – and to be against the concept of ‘social dumping’, you don’t have to be anti-immigrant. I’m in favour of open borders – but I’m definitely not in favour of massive companies employing and moving workers from other countries (whether it’s Italians in Britain or Brits in Germany or Russians in Poland) simply to depress wages and terms and conditions, and undermine union organisation.

    I think you are right that the reaction against this has been knee-jerk by the anti-racist Left.

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