Smashing the BNP: Tomorrow is Trade Union Day of Action

BNP leader Nick Griffin held a meeting in Grays, Essex, launching the party’s local and European election campaigns. The affair was described as very secretive and highly organised, members meeting in a local car park first, before being escorted by party stewards and local police. The meeting was exclusive only to members and individuals were on hand to make sure no one unknown to them could enter.

That day Griffin had been served with an £8,000 legal claim relating to the continued use of an unauthorised picture depicting a UKIP member (whose name is Mark Croucher, according to one commentator on the fascist forum stormfront, contradicting the Mirror‘s report that the photo is of UKIP leader Nigel Farage).

In the same article, a citation is made of a latest YouGov poll which shows the BNP at 4% support.YouGov, on its website, provides information;

“on the subject of YouGov’s voting intention Peter Kellner has a commentary on YouGov’s European Parliament figures. Firstly Peter has provided figures for only those certain to vote, which given the likely turnout in the European elections he thinks will give a better prediction. These figures are CON 37%, LAB 22%, LDEM 19%, UKIP 7%, SNP/PC 5%, GRN 4%, BNP 4%.”

Kellner thinks his figures will be more accurate than the voting intention figures which are at;

CON 34%, LAB 25%, LDEM 20%, UKIP 6%, GRN 5%, BNP 2%.

For more information HOPE plan on upping activities in the run-up to the elections. Tomorrow they are calling for a trade union day of action with the intention of getting “hundreds of union branches doing some activity … in what will easily be the biggest show of opposition to racism and fascism by trade unions in recent years.”

Chris Dillow, here, provides decent information on immigration, GDP and the 2.2% gain immigration has on British native economy. Though I’m cautious not to maintain the simple argument, often heard (curiously in support of immigrants) that immigrants do all the jobs we brits dont wanna, which sounds to me like a more sympathetic way of supporting cheap labour, I was interested to read Dillow’s interpretation that if there are more builders, there is more work for plumbers and electrcians and so on (thus, immigrant and native workers can exist together, and can actually benefit GDP and the economy in general).

And don’t forget to read Rowanna Davis’ article on Liberal Conspiracy, here.

Amusingly, The Spoof, have said that the BNP have broken Party Election Broadcast rules by airing the factually incorrect details “We’re decent people.” Happens all the time, doesn’t it?


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