Who is advertising on my local rag?



As I was looking at the Evening Echo for Basildon, my local newspaper online, I discovered a very irksome advertiser, present at the bottom right of the page.

The advert categories that potential advertisers may choose from on the echo website are; Sell your vehicles / Sell/let your property / Advertise your job / Announcements / Household Items / Events / Trade Services / Pet Corner. Exactly which one of these does a political party fall under, and where is its place in an “independent” local paper?

The advert is connected to a link that is routed straight into the BNP homepage.

In Michael White’s article on Comment is Free today he predicted that Commons speaker Michael Martin will step down by the time of the general election, and that;

“Martin did not say last year – as reported – that he planned to seek a third term. He is widely expected to announce his retirement after the expensee crisis has subsided but before the end of this year.”

White mentions that Martin is the first speaker from an industrial working class background, and this was to be his achilles heel as well as the unique detail about his life.

Unlike Martin, White concludes;

“Few Labour MPs nowadays left school at 15 and worked on the shop floor. It may be solidarity or sentimentality, bloody-mindedness or plain feebleness. But they will not give him up next week.”

But in the next few weeks, it is unfortunate to say, that many from that same background will drop Labour MP’s in the form of a protest vote. And it has given the BNP ample chance to pounce.

The BNP don’t care how undignified it is for their party to be a base for the protest vote, so long as they get that 9% they need for a seat in the European parliament.

I will stop short of blaming Gordon Brown for the growth in BNP popularity. I will even stop short of blaming it entirely on the New Labour project in general, that will be remembered for its laissez-faire shift, sell-offs and obsession with the unregulated enterprise charter that is the Lisbon Treaty. But the reason is that the BNP have spent serious time manufacturing a pleasant image of respectability for themselves (as one recent commentator said, what kind of party has to urge its memebers to stop taking to the streets and flying the fascist salute).

Today Rowenna Davis, writing for Liberal Conspiracy, said that though we know the image of “moderation” fostered by Nick Griffin’s party, parting from the relatively unsuccessful hardline image of former leader John Tyndall, is a veil for its true level of malice, we must at least entertain this new image in order to properly address its flaws and dangers. That means observing the failures inherent in HOPE’s new video of Nick Griffin as Hitler. This won’t help deter voters who feel let down from the Labour Right, it will only show an inability to deal with the political game utilised by the far-right.

It certainly doesn’t help, also, that my local rag allows its website to brandish the BNP logo, I’d like to know exactly who is behind this piece of dangerous advertising. Having said that, if the BNP get their seat next month, a logo on a website will be the least of our concerns.


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