Can the heroine change the Brownyshambles?

Press Association, today, released information saying that Gordon Brown has been accused of presiding over a shambles, with regards to the Ghurkha situation, in which 5 Ghurkha veterans were told they would not be allowed into Britain. 

But to the rescue came Ghurkha heroine Joanna Lumley, star of Absoloutely Fabulous, whose Father fought alongside Ghurkhas in WWII. 

Since meeting with Brown, who has said the issue never reached him, Lumley is confident that the decisions will be revised.

Phil Woolas, Immigration Minister, also assured the actress that he will look again at the 5 cases, which horrified Ghurkha campaigners. 

This was just one issue David Cameron was able to role into today at PMQ’s, as well as calling on Brown to “do the last bold thing to him: call an election. 

Brown’s quip that the Conservatives are weak on issues of the day may have been said on the backfoot, but who can argue its truthfulness. 

In fact, John Major himself has written in the telegraph that though he denies proper comparison between his final days as PM and Gordon Brown’s present camp, he did spell out the Conservative panic circa 1997. For what its worth, Major does give some “well-meant” advice (advice I happen to agree with): “fight the next election on policies, not personalities; on fact, not fiction; on substance, not spin.” 

This might mean taking some well-meant ideas from the younger and more progressive elements of the Labour camp; Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and all the other Ed’s (2 Ed’s are better than…). 

Certainly it means rejecting former cabinet minister Alan Milburn’s calls for Brown not to abandon Blairite policies. Though Blair was never voted out (let us put to one side the last European elections, the anti-war marches, and the lack of leadership vote sending out weighty signals), the conditions have changed, the days of unregulated free-market belief have gone, and personality politics have obviously been a hindrance to the substantial intellect of Brown. 

A U-turn on the Royal Mail reform should send the right message to the Blairites, and a possible dialogue with more popular members of the cabinet for Brown should be a major advantage. 


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